eBook | Social Media: Think Globally, Act Locally

Published on 28/06/2023

Successfully implementing a compelling social media strategy across diverse markets presents a multitude of challenges. The intricacies of various social media platforms, the complexities of performance tracking, and the need to synchronize paid media marketing budgets across multiple markets can make achieving your company's goals a formidable task. Considering these obstacles, the question arises: how can you efficiently manage your activation processes both locally and internationally?

Within the realm of global companies, a natural dichotomy arises between the global and local social media teams. The local teams are driven by the immediate objective of generating revenue to meet short-term sales goals and ensure a healthy profit and loss statement. In contrast, the global teams are focused on safeguarding the brand's long-term image to guarantee sustained success. Balancing these two objectives, both of which propel the business forward, can at times present challenges and conflicts.

To achieve their objectives, local markets may sometimes adopt an independent approach by launching their own social media accounts without prior consultation with the global team. However, this approach carries the risk of diluting the brand's messaging in the absence of a well-crafted glocal (global-local) social media strategy. Deploying such a strategy does not necessitate a top-down approach, where the global team dictates all local communications. Rather, it calls for fostering a healthy and collaborative relationship between both parties. When expanding a brand's social media presence internationally, it is more efficient to launch new accounts with insights from both the global and local perspectives rather than attempting to overhaul existing satellite pages.

Managing international social media endeavors need not be an overwhelming challenge. With our unwavering support, we can help you establish a highly efficient and seamlessly integrated system that will enable you to effectively meet your company's goals. Together, we can create a well-oiled machine that orchestrates the power of social media across borders.

"Working through these difficulties with our clients has allowed us to develop a method for planning, deploying and organising “glocal” social media strategies and aligning them with overall communications objectives (PR, Influence, Corporate)."

Madeleine Blumgart, international Social Media Strategy Expert at JIN
Social Media: Think Globally, Act Locally
Launch and land your social media strategies in Europe
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eBook | Social media: your partner in launching your brand in Europe
eBook | Social media: your partner in launching your brand in Europe
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